About Us

The APWU Is Born

On July 1, 1971, five postal unions joined together to found the American Postal Workers Union, forming the largest union of postal employees in the world. APWU represents 320,000 clerks, motor vehicle employees, maintenance workers, special delivery messengers, and other Postal Service employees. The merging unions, which formed the American Postal Workers Union, were the United Federation of Postal Clerks, the National Postal Union, the National Association of Post Office and General Service Maintenance Employees, the National Federation of Motor Vehicle Employees, and the National Association of Special Delivery Messengers.

Strengthened by the unity and solidarity of the different crafts it represents, the APWU has negotiated several National Agreements since 1971, each winning improved wages and working conditions for all postal workers. Collective bargaining has now replaced "collective begging" as the union's primary weapon. Nevertheless, lobbying and political action remain a vital part of the union's program to ensure that those gains won at the bargaining able are not taken away through legislation.

Indianapolis Area Local

The Indianapolis Area Local was originally chartered on December 1, 1915 as the United Federation of Postal Clerks becoming Local # 130. The UFPC Local #130, along with the other merging unions, which formed the APWU, became the Indianapolis Local APWU in July 1971. Additional expansion of union activities occurred when the Indianapolis Local APWU merged with surrounding smaller local offices, becoming the Indianapolis Area Local APWU in January 1975. The Indianapolis Area Local represents the Indianapolis offices, and now seventeen surrounding area Associate offices.